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Hootie’s Words of WINTER Wisdom

Winter Driving

By Hootie, translated by Sarah Wahab

Hootie’s passion for road safety goes into overdrive during the winter months. He’s in charge of making sure each and every DriveWise vehicle is in tip top condition for whatever weather the season may throw at us. He’d like to share a few winter driving tips with the community, some winter “wisdom”, if you will:

Winter Tires: Winter tires increase traction when driving on snowy roadways and can decrease your stopping distance by up to 40%.

Maintenance Check up: Before the snow falls, visit your mechanic and make sure your vehicle is ready for the frigid months by having your battery, brakes, cooling/ heating systems, exhaust systems, and belts and hoses checked out.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Pack Your Winter Survival Kit: Not all of us have wings, so make sure you’re prepared to tough it out if necessary by keeping a winter survival kit in your trunk. This kit should include blankets, first aid supplies, a snow brush, extra windshield washer fluid, flares/ matches, traction mat/ kitty litter, flashlight with extra batteries, spare tire with wheel wrench and jack, extra clothing/ footwear, etc.

Keep your Gas topped up: This will stop condensation from forming; this can cause your fuel lines to freeze.

Adjust your Driving to the Conditions of the Road: Decrease your speed and increase your following distance when roads are slippery and visibility is low. Accelerate and brake gradually, avoid sudden movements, and make sure your headlights are on.

And most importantly, if the conditions are too dangerous for driving, DON’T drive!

Got any other tips? Feel free to share them with us!


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