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Save On Gas This Winter With These 3 Tips

By Matthew James Earle, A Novice Driver ~

Who doesn’t want a lower gas bill and tips on driving safer in this crazy Canadian winter? Well hopefully that is why you’re here. We have had posts already this winter on some quick tips about winter and adverse driving conditions, but now it’s time to get more specific. This post will be more of a refresher but at times might feel like a this-guy-is-trying-to-tell-me-what-to-do kind of post. Either way, just enjoy it(that is an order)!



Don’t Idle For More Than 30s

Unless you’re at a high traffic stop light or warming up your car, try not to keep the engine of your car running while not moving for too long. If you’re already pulled over/in-park and waiting for a pickup, do your part in helping the environment—turn off your car. You should also try to avoid using a drive-thru for grabbing food or refreshments, or at the very least go during the least amount of traffic to avoid being idle for too long.

Don’t Warm Your Car For Too Long

Try not to over warm your car on those frigid early mornings. If you changed your oil just before winter started it should take roughly 1 minute for everything to be in working order. Warm it for too long and you can wear down your engine, and help tear up the environment. Warm it just right and be rewarded with warmth and fuel conservation. But keep in mind every car is different and may take longer or shorter amounts of time for them to be ready; I’m sure you know your own vehicle better than me.

Winter Tire

Apply A Gingerly Touch To The Gas Pedal

You shouldn’t be speeding anyway, but you also don’t want to be holding up traffic—go with the flow. Only use as much gas as necessary and don’t race to stop lights and stop signs. Slow down at those lights early by letting off the gas pedal, if you’re lucky it might even change back to green before your very eyes! Also remember to accelerate smoothly—sticking the pedal to the medal every time you need to speed up won’t help your gas bill, and it might even get you stuck in the snow or lose control— contrary to popular belief, snow tires are not Superman.

Don’t be afraid to try these out for yourself. Maybe your New Year’s Resolution could be to become a safer and more economically friendly driver?

Look out for more of our tips by following this blog, and connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already! Got any of your own tips on saving gas in the winter? Add them in the comment section below!

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About Matthew James Earle

Currently, I'm the Marketing Coordinator at DriveWise head office in Barrie. Here's a bit about me: I'm a graduate of Advertising at Sheridan College where I learned about the many sectors of the advertising industry including; integrated marketing communications, sales, media, advertising planning & preparation, interactive marketing, and ad layout and copy. Follow me on Twitter: @_MatthewEarle

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