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Jumpstart Your Driver Karma This Spring

By Matthew James Earle |

The last time I spoke of Driver Karma was during the great Canadian winter of 2013. This edition is more directed toward the the springtime. Spring is full of life; there is no loss of wild animals on the streets, roads, and highways. The kids are outside playing, more people are out walking, biking, and being active. Our hibernation is over. Even though the hazards of winter driving are coming to an end, we must now be at one with all of nature and life, in an effort to preserve safety.


Let the Window Down

If having the windows down completely is distracting to you, consider putting them down just slightly, you’ll be able to hear your surroundings much better. It will increase your awareness of pedestrians and other drivers. Having your window down completely adds the advantage of better eye contact and communication with other drivers on the road—You’ll also get some fresh air!

Why listen to the radio when life has surround sound?

Beware of Small Things

Children and furry things will be out to play more often now that it’s spring. With the weather becoming warmer, you can expect animals and children to stray into danger at times. Animals being distracted by food and the other pleasures of life, while children being distracted by play. Do your part by scanning as you approach parked cars, check for movement shadows and little feet.

Keep an extra close eye around school zones, and remember to reduce your speed around when the children are beginning school and when they are going home

Cyclists on the Road

Some people will be taking their bikes to work, or exercising more often on their two wheeled rides. Be sure to give them space. Cyclists need to get from point A to point B just like the rest of us!

Keep your Guard up

Just because the weather is warmer and the snow is gone, is no reason to start bringing on bad driving habits. Always stay as focused as possible when driving and your studies of the art of driver karma will pay off.

If you’re new to my teachings of Driver Karma, make sure to read the first post here.

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About Matthew James Earle

Currently, I'm the Marketing Coordinator at DriveWise head office in Barrie. Here's a bit about me: I'm a graduate of Advertising at Sheridan College where I learned about the many sectors of the advertising industry including; integrated marketing communications, sales, media, advertising planning & preparation, interactive marketing, and ad layout and copy. Follow me on Twitter: @_MatthewEarle



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